Public Works Projects

Ben Avery Shooting Range, Phoenix, AZ

2,900 Square Feet

10'-8" Low Eave


The new Long Range Rifle building at Ben Avery Range was designed as a single slope "Billboard" with a 15'-" low eave canopy extensions and 5'-0" wing walls to create shade and visual appeal. Pre-finished faux rust and light stone panels.

Eastside Satellite Water Facility, Tucson, AZ

22,000 Square Feet

26' / 22' / 13' Low Eaves

LEED Certified 


This complex utilized mixed construction, exposed structural, water harvesters, shade fins, a Horton Stack door, Daylighting Skylights and more to create an efficient, low impact facility.       

Eastside Water's Shade Fins on the Office Space
Navopache Electric Cooperative (Warehouse Bldg.), Lakeside, AZ

29,400 Square Feet

26' / 22' Low Eaves


A new warehouse building with at eave canopy for parking, plus a new transformer building. Partial height masonry and Insulated Panel walls.

Administration & Maintenance Center for School District, Casa Grande, AZ

16,480 Square Feet

20'-8" Low Eave


The adminstration office and maintenance buildings are combined into one structure with opposing roof slopes. The architect's finishes on the adminstration side create a clean, professional office environment, while the integrated mezzanine adds storage space.

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