Metal Building Systems: From Design to Completion
Metal Building Systems: From Design to Completion

Metal Buildings for Office & Retail

Cotlow Development Mezzanine, Tucson, AZ

4,800 Square Feet

27'-0" Low Eave


This project used a single slope design with an at-eave canopy and wing wall at the high eave. Mixtures of panel profiles and colors added visual appeal, along with a mezzanine system (conventional) to create office space and an exterior balcony.

Cotlow Development, Tucson, AZ
Hamstra Heating & Cooling, Tucson, AZ


15,100 Square Feet

17'-0" Low Eave


This metal building took full use of flexibility of design in metal construction. The reverse taper endwall strutural was left exposed. A skewed canopy, which also supports a full height gabion wall acts as a dramatic entry and shades the full height lobby glass.

Mason's Lodge, Tucson, AZ


8,900 Square Feet

16'-10" Low Eave with Parapet

This metal building has an EFIS exterior on the public walls and maintains exposed pre-finished metal panels on the rear to maximize economies. The standing seam roof has an R-41 nominal 2-layer insulation system.

SV Regional Health Center, Sierra Vista, AZ

22,000 Square Feet

12'-6" and 23'-0" Mixed Low Eaves


Used as a Medical Service Facility with attached Warehouse. The complex has an EFIS Front Exterior for public access. The rear of the facility has pre-finised metal panels and a dock canopy for the warehousing staff.

SV Regional Warehouse Dock, Sierra Vista, AZ
Spec Warehouse, Tucson, AZ

6,500 Square Feet

20'-0" Low Eave with 8'-0" Masonry


This metal building shell has a small office build-out for client meetings and a large warehouse / shop area. The partial height masonry wall is supported by the metal building and allows this new construction project to blend with the industrial complex.

M&B Mechanical, Tucson, AZ

8,500 Square Feet

20'-0" Low Eave with 5'-0" Parapet


For this metal building, we used reverse rolled metal wall panels to simplify the the stucco finishes. The 5' parapet supports a blue metal wall accent and concealed the roof mounted equipment.

Reprocessing Products Corp., Tucson, AZ

7,900 Square Feet

18'-0" Low Eave with 3'-0" Parapet


We used reverse rolled panels to simplify the stucco finish. Includes an accent band and 2 below eave canopies for the entry and warehouse dock.

D&D Materials Exterior, Tucson, AZ

1,500 Square Feet

12'-0" Low Eave

This small materials sales yard and shop incorporates store front glass for the customer entrance, with polished concrete floors for a durable and low maintenance lobby.

D&D Materials, Tucson, AZ
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