Metal Buildings for Office & Retail

U-Haul Health & Fitness Center, Phoenix, AZ

35,552 Square Feet

27'-5" Low Eave

Hamstra Heating & Cooling, Tucson, AZ


15,100 Square Feet

17'-0" Low Eave


This metal building took full use of flexibility of design in metal construction. The reverse taper endwall strutural was left exposed. A skewed canopy, which also supports a full height gabion wall acts as a dramatic entry and shades the full height lobby glass.

Vermeer Southwest, Chandler, AZ

35,208 Square Feet

25'-0" Low Eave

Cotlow Development, Tucson, AZ

4,800 Square Feet

27'-0" Low Eave


This project used a single slope design with an at-eave canopy and wing wall at the high eave. Mixtures of panel profiles and colors added visual appeal, along with a mezzanine system (conventional) to create office space and an exterior balcony.

Mason's Lodge, Tucson, AZ


8,900 Square Feet

16'-10" Low Eave with Parapet

This metal building has an EFIS exterior on the public walls and maintains exposed pre-finished metal panels on the rear to maximize economies. The standing seam roof has an R-41 nominal 2-layer insulation system.

Spec Warehouse, Tucson, AZ

6,500 Square Feet

20'-0" Low Eave with 8'-0" Masonry


This metal building shell has a small office build-out for client meetings and a large warehouse / shop area. The partial height masonry wall is supported by the metal building and allows this new construction project to blend with the industrial complex.

Reprocessing Products Corp., Tucson, AZ


7,900 Square Feet

18'-0" Low Eave with 3'-0" Parapet


We used reverse rolled panels to simplify the stucco finish. Includes an accent band and 2 below eave canopies for the entry and warehouse dock.

Smyth Hobby Shop, Pima County, AZ

13,104 Square Feet

13'-0" Low Eave

Geico Call Center, North Liberty, IA

25,285 Square Feet

35'-0" Low Eave

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